LeadCoin is a dead coin. In ICO, the company charged 0.04USD per token – these are now valued at 0.00015USD. This is drop of 99.6%, and as a result the token remains almost completely untraded. The platform that was promised in the whitepaper is completely unrealised and there’s nothing to show for the $50m USD raised in investments at ICO.

This company – and their token – have direct ties with Sirin Labs’ and Stox’s Moshe Hogeg, a man facing litigation for the alleged misuse of funds from the latter company’s ICO. Another advisor on LeadCoin’s team is Uriel Peled, another cohort of Hogeg’s who worked closely with Stox. In fact, LeadCoin’s promotional marketing consists of “testimonials” from the CEO of Stox and the CMO of Sirin.