Overview of the allegations:

It is alleged that Envion hosted one of the most fraudulent ICOs seen in 2018. Reports indicate that the premise was based on a revolutionary, eco-friendly cryptocurrency-mining stroke of genius; however allegations have arisen that Envion swindled one hundred million dollars from thirty-thousand genuine investors. It is alleged that soon after, the organisation fell apart, with reports indicating that the ICO was declared unauthorised and the company ordered to cease trading by a Swiss court.

It is alleged that they comprehensively betrayed every investor and stuffed their pockets with the funds raised in what was one of the largest-grossing ICOs in recent years. Reports indicate that the upper echelons of Envion fell to pieces and engaged in frenzied bickering, with accusations flying at will. Reports confirm the value of the token has dropped to almost nothing and investors have reason to believe the now-defunct company will probably not be offering refunds.

It is alleged that they were directly in violation of the EVN subscription form and U.S. securities laws and are completely liable.