Engagement Token was promised as a revolution within the world of online publishing and ad revenue but in the end, it ultimately produced nothing in terms of results.

The elements put forth in the white paper were revealed in time to be nothing more than hype; nothing was meant to be achieved. They highlighted a bright future for those using the Engagement Platform and Token on their websites but in reality, the future would give way to a non-existent product supported by vague and uninformative reports.

The entirety of this money-grabbing project remains heavily criticised by the community as the value of the token plunged violently by 99% – the little social media updates made by the ENGT team are peppered with scathing comments. The current value of the coin is around 0.000134 USD, while the ICO price stood at 0.11 USD – this is a plummeting decrease of 99.88%, leaving it as one of the worst performing ICOs released in 2018.

The owners of the Engagement Platform wound down their communication channels very early on, leaving investors stranded and often unaware of the status of the project.