Overview of the allegations:

Allegations reported that Blockchain Terminal has been rife with suspicion since its conception and the origins of its ICO in March 2018. The project was allegedly designed to construct and provide industrial-standard crypto trading terminals to general users for a low price, but this fact has allegedly never been made a reality.

The company was plunged into doubt and allegation at the end of 2018 as it was allegedly discovered that the man behind BCT – known as Shaun MacDonald – was actually convicted fraudster Boaz Manor, allegedly accused of siphoning $106m USD from a hedge fund in 2012 and imprisoned. He was allegedly at the helm of BCT under a fake identity, leading from the shadows as the company’s then-president, Bob Bonomo, assumed the top position in the public eye, reports suggested.

Today, reports indicate nothing has been realised. The product allegedly seems almost non-existent, the token that was sold in ICO in unreleased and the entire company has stagnated.